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Everyone Can Ride A Trike!!

This is a Riding Event!!

So, you can actually experience trike riding on our closed-loop 1/6 mile course at the beautiful Portland Community College Sylvania Campus

Triking returns us to the joy and freedom we enjoyed as children!  Triking offers the stability of three wheels -so you can go at your own pace. Those same three wheels ensure trikes are easy to safely mount and dismount.  

At TrikeFest, we’ll have Catrikes with and without motor kits.  We’ll have Catrikes with adaptive accessories to help you get on the trike, secure your feet and support your body.  

Trikes are wonderful for people living with 

  • Stroke
  • Ataxia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinsons
  • Balance Issues
  • Knee/Hip Replacements
  • Spinal Injuries

Exhibitors include:

  • Handcycles from Oregon’s own Freedom Ryder 
  • Premier accessory maker TerraCycle
  • Motor from Bosch, Bafang, Grin Technologies and NeoDrive
  • Bacchetta Recumbent Bikes
  • My Velo Chair -pedal chairs
  • Smart Brake -allowing a parent or spouse to remotely control braking
  • Endura USA Helmets

June 15th is your chance to take one for a spin!

For 2024, we’ll have 30 Catrikes ready to roll for an entire day of test riding, our builds will include: Factory Standard, Electric Assist, Adaptive and Specialty components (such as Rohloff, Schlumpf, Alfine).

RPDX mechanics -in concert with our large volunteer crew- will ensure riders are properly fitted for trikes and helmets and that everyone stays safe.  All registered attendees will be covered by our PCC-required event insurance policy.

Oh, and we’ll have cake (because we ALWAYS have cake.  TrikeFest is a party! And, It’s not a party without cake!).

As with our 2019 event, a lucky attendee’s name will be drawn from a hat to win a brand new Catrike Villager!

Did We Say Cake?

TrikeFest is a celebration of the joy and freedom that triking brings.  So, of course we’ll have cake!  It wouldn’t be a party without cake, right?