Day's Events

When Should We Arrive?

You can park as early as you want -see “Free Parking” below

Our volunteers will complete set up at 9am and the Registration Table will open.  

What Should You Bring to TrikeFest?

  • Advance-Purchase Ticket gets you admitted.  Please print it out if you’re able
  • Comfortable Clothes. We don’t wear fancy lycra riding gear for triking.  Shorts, non-baggy pants and a comfortable shirt
  • Zipper Pockets -keys, wallets and phones can fall out of pockets
  • A little rain won’t scare us off, so bring a jacket if the weather suggests
  • Closed Toe & Heel Shoes
  • If you have your own bike helmet, bring it

To download a copy of the liability waiver, here’s a link

Free Parking

Parking is Free.

From PCC’s main entrance, you’ll follow the Parking signs to Lot H. You can also use the “directions” tab in the adjacent map for turn-by-turn instructions.  

Drop off and Accessible parking is available. Lot attendants can assist 8am -10am

Lot H Parking Directions

Getting from Parking to Event Check In

From your parked your car, take the G Street sidewalk a short walk to the Registration Table.  

ALL attendees must check in.  If you’ve pre-paid, bring your ticket and ID for a speedy check in.

At registration, adults and under-age dependents will receive color-coded wristbands.   

You’ll also get your split ticket for the drawing of a brand new Catrike Villager.  Keep one-half and deposit the other half in the drawing box on the registration table. We suggest you write your name and mobile phone number on the deposited half.

When you’re checked in, you can proceed to the Safety Presentation Tent

Safety Presentation

Because a safe event is important to everyone, all attendees must complete a Safety Presentation before being cleared to ride.  

When the presentation is complete, attendees will receive a color-coded “good-to-ride” wristband and they can then proceed to the pit lane to be fitted for a trike. 

If you have additional safety questions, ask before you leave the Safety Presentation.  Do Not Ride Unless You Are Absolutely Comfortable All Your Safety Concerns Have Been Addressed. 

Special Requirements

Fitting folks with special requirements is our special skill!  

  • Balance Issues
  • Stroke Recovery
  • MS/Ataxia/Parkinsons
  • Hip/Knee/Ankle range limitations

This is the time to let us know and our Safety Volunteers will help ensure required adaptive acessories for a properly fitted ride

Test Riding

In the Pit Lane, you’ll want to grab a properly-fitting helmet.  If you need help with fitting, ask a volunteer.  Everyone must wear a helmet while on the circuit.  

In the morning -until all attendees have gotten at least one test ride- circuit times will be limited to 12 minutes.  As lines ease, our Mechanics may increase circuit times.  

TrikeFest volunteers (pink hats/green lanyards) are there to keep you safe.  So, when you’re on the circuit, follow their instructions. 


Chicago-style hot dogs and beverages will be served 11:45-12:45.  You can eat and walk.  We’ll also have a table space for a couple dozen people who prefer to sit. 


You didn’t think we were joking about this, did you?  We would NEVER joke about cake.  Cake will be served at 2:00pm

Trike Drawing

In the afternoon, we’ll draw the winning ticket for a new Catrike Villager.  You must be at TrikeFest for the drawing.  If the winner does not claim the prize in 10 minutes, we’ll draw a replacement winner.

So, be there!!!  

Rest Rooms

Accessible restrooms in the Student Center are a short walk from the Exhibit Area.  Men’s and All Gender are at ground level under the north stairwell (follow the arrows at right).  Women’s is under the south stairwell -requiring a trip upstairs (by elevator or staircase), across the student center floor and down again.